Route to Shop

From the modern and chic to the elegant and dramatic…visit to experience our collection at Yonamine Pearls in Tokyo.

Route to Shop

Route to Shop

Step 1.

Hibiya Line Roppongi Station, ticket exit gate

Step 2.

After exiting ticket gate, look for Exit 4a

Step 3.

Follow signs for Exit 4a toward the right

Step 4.

Exit 4a

Step 5.

Turn right at this sign to exit up the stairs

Step 6.

Take the stairs up to street level

Step 7.

As you approach the top of the stairs you will be going toward Roppongi Crossing

Step 8.

Walk straight toward Roppongi Crossing

Step 9.

At the crossing you will see this sign. Turn left and walk down the street

Step 10.

This is the view after turning left at the sign

Step 11.

Continue walking on the street past the blue building (on left)

Step 12.

Look for the Yonamine Pearls sign at the Arts Shop Building

Step 13.

Take the elevator to the 5th floor

Step 14.

Welcome to Yonamine Pearls!